Welcome to the online home of the Lighthouse Church Troon. We are an independent charismatic fellowship based in the seaside town of Troon in Ayrshire, Scotland.
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Prophetic Words

 A prophetic word for the Lighthouse based on Isa 37: 30-32

7th April 2013

I saw a picture of a tree with deep root system a strong trunk and a full canopy that contained sweet fruit and bitter fruit. The Lord was saying we are developing deep rooted relationships the deeper we go the higher the tree can be. We are transiting from a low lying shrub to a tall tree. The trunk is about the structure that will raise the fruit up off the ground. The tree contains very good sweet fruit and some biter fruit get rid of the bitter fruit.

The Lord says “This House will have an international reputation as a house of my presence and as a House of healing & restoration”.

I saw drips of water, dripping faster and faster. It became a stream and the stream became a river.

The Lord says “Don’t despise the small beginnings I in transformation that I am giving to you. I will open up the flood gates of my mercy and grace in this place. People will come to you, they will seek you out. They will grasp hold of the garments of grace that I am covering you with.”

I saw a picture of Moses in his basket.

The Lord says “Pharaoh has missed his chance to kill off this church! The child will grow in wisdom grace and favour with man and God. I call you from the back end of the dessert to minister before kings and to set my people free. You have been robed long enough – resist the thief! Command him to restore and to make restitution many times over for what he has stolen from this house in people, talents, gifts and money.”

The Lord said “There are three seasons of grace for the Lighthouse”. In the first year it was a season of the “Father” and it was rich in provision protection covering and identity. We are in the second season. The season of the “Son” this is rich in brotherhood relationships and salvation. The third season is the season of the Holy Spirit and this wills see great empowerment revelation and displays of might power and deliverance.. As a tree grows in stages so God is growing the Lighthouse. We must leave behind the seedling stage. This stage is all about “me” and my needs and only has small resources. We must grow into the bush stage where we have enough for me and some to give away and then go on to the tree stage where we have visibility structure rootedness endurance and ongoing fruit to give away.

Andy Hall


Positioning ourselves for a visitation of God: Isabel Alum


Isabel and Ivan are great friends of ours at the Lighthouse we love their heart and the spirit in which they speak This is a key word for us as a church………

Isabel Allum Sun 8th July 2012


Recently I have had several very simalar vision/words about the nature and purpose of the Lighthouse family. I saw the church as:

A vast city built on a very high hill raised up so all around could see it. The city had vast high thick wall and was square in shape. The walls of the city each had a name. I saw walls named; justice, healing, mercy & slavation. I heard the Lord say “All who come in these walls, come under these things”.

The walls were made of blue stone and all the wall flew fags and banners of oragne material. Each wall to the north south east and west had a very large gate that was opened very wide. Each gate had a wide straight path leading down hill away from the city out into the surrounding countryside.

I saw people coming in and out of the city in increasing numbers some settled some did not and left agin but left enriched by the city’s blessing. I saw bands of dertermined people going out from the city to take its blessings out to the surounding land. I saw bodies wraped in winding cloths being brought into the city and coming back to life. The Lord said “This is a place of resurection and redemption of life hopes and dreams”

Andy Hall 27 July 2012

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