Welcome to the online home of the Lighthouse Church Troon. We are an independent charismatic fellowship based in the seaside town of Troon in Ayrshire, Scotland.
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Jesus the face of God – Andy Hall

John Owen the great Puritan preacher is reported to have said “If you are satified with an imaginary Jesus you must be satisfied with an imaginary salvation…..” These five teachings are a new look at Christology in the light of the move of the Holy Spirit……

Jesus the face of God articals


Developing a Powerful Inner Life – Andy Hall

All of us want to have a more clear and powerful experience of our walk with Jesus. This teaching gives some pointers as to how this can be acheived…….

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Developing a Powerful Inner Life


I Will Build My Church – Andy Hall

The church that Jesus founded and the first disciples spread was powerful and world changing. Indeed it turned the “world upside down” and in three hundred years in took over the Roman Empire and ended pagan worship in most of the known world. However this apparent success held the seeds of decay. The emergence of Christendom, where state and church are almost synonymous; resulted in the human institution becoming dominant over the spiritual movement. How can we make our churches more like Jesus intended…

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I Will Build My Church Teaching Notes


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Our address is The Lighthouse Church, Ailsa Road, Troon, KA10 6DB.

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